Steps to renew residency in Turkey

Steps to renew residency in Turkey

In order to renew the residence permit in Turkey, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

Extracting health insurance

The health insurance document in Turkey is mandatory to be able to apply for residency renewal in Turkey. If you have health insurance from the past year that covers the required renewal period, you do not need to extract a new insurance, but if the health insurance period that you previously obtained expires with the expiration of the residence in Turkey, or after it. For a short period that does not cover the period you want .. You need to extract a new insurance.
You can request health insurance for a period of one or two years in general .. Fanar is the first and largest company specialized in granting health insurance offers in Turkey at very encouraging costs, and you can calculate the value of the appropriate health insurance for you.

Apply for residency renewal in Turkey

The application is submitted online by entering the immigration website in Turkey, and you may need the help of a knowledgeable person to help you enter the correct data, and ensure that no mistake is made from you that could affect the acceptance of the renewal application.

By the way, Al Fanar Insurance and Residences Company extends a helping hand for you in this aspect, as you can ask one of Al Fanar’s employees to book an appointment for you.

The costs of booking an appointment from Fanar are very symbolic, “not exceeding 9 dollars”

Residence renewal fees in Turkey

The costs of renewing residency in Turkey are distributed to the following banks:

Health insurance costs, and they differ according to the type of insurance, the person’s age, and the number of years of insurance.
Appointment costs: do not exceed $ 9 and you can book for free, but we recommend that you book with the company to avoid falling
Errors that may affect the treatment of your residence
Residency tax, paid in the tax department, and it varies according to the resident’s nationality.
Other costs, such as the costs of translating and certifying official documents, also differ according to the number and type of documents.

In general, the average cost of the total residency renewal fees in Turkey may reach the limits of 1,200 Turkish liras (approximately $ 200).

Residence renewal interview at the Immigration Department

After preparing all your papers and paying the residency tax, you go to the immigration department in which you booked an appointment, at the date and hour specified by the immigration with a text message sent to you, to interview the renewal of the residence in Turkey when you come to the Immigration Department. You hand your papers to the employee, and he may ask you some questions with the presence of an interpreter From the Turkish language to Arabic and vice versa, and the interview is considered routine except for the renewal of tourist residency in Turkey for some foreign nationalities, where immigration asks you for clarification regarding the reason for renewing your residence.

Then you will be handed a temporary document that you keep, and it is considered to be your personal identification until the new residence card is received.

Receive the new residence card

After the immigration approval of the renewal of the residence in Turkey, your new residence card will be sent to the nearest PTT center to your residence address, and you will be notified of this via a text message on your mobile number.