Health insurance in Turkey

Health insurance in Turkey

Health insurance in Turkey: What is health insurance in Turkey Health insurance in Turkey is one of the types of insurance against risks to people's health The insurance includes several medical costs:  • Costs of examination and diagnosis Treatment costs  • Costs of services for preventing infectious diseases Health insurance contract in Turkey The insurance contract consists of two parties:  • First: the insurance company • The second: the person who benefits from insurance services The following information is indicated in the health insurance contract in Turkey:  • Personal data of the beneficiary of the insurance • Deductible amount for insurance services • Costs covered by insurance • The period of validity of the insurance • Health insurance to extract residency in Turkey

Types of health insurance in Turkey

1. Visa insurance for travel to Turkey

This document is considered essential for obtaining an entry visa to Turkey, and it is extracted by the Turkish embassy in the capital of your country or the Turkish consulate if any, and it is attached with the visa application papers to Turkey.

This type of insurance covers:

Any medical treatment costing 100 TL or less
Secure transportation for patients
Insure for transporting the body in the event of death while traveling

You can obtain travel insurance to Turkey or from Turkey to any European country through Al-Fanar Insurance and Residences Company in Turkey with encouraging offers and legal procedures.

Note: Tourist travel insurance is not suitable for extracting residency in Turkey, but only serves the purpose if you want to spend the period of the visa granted to you in Turkey and then exit from it without applying for residency.

2. Private health insurance

This type of insurance is required as a condition for obtaining residency in Turkey, and it is provided to foreigners by private health insurance companies in Turkey, and it is different from travel insurance.

Private health insurance in Turkey differs from one company to another, and even the same company may grant two or more types of private health insurance, and the following are the most important forms of private health insurance:

Insurance for residency issuance or renewal

The simplest type of insurance is in terms of cost, length of extraction, necessary documentation, and even in terms of the health aspects it covers.

Most of these insurances are only intended to be included in the application documents for obtaining a residence in Turkey or renewing your current residence.

This health insurance in Turkey does not cover the costs of treatment in private hospitals, and even in government hospitals, they do not get big discounts on the costs of treatment, examination, medicine and surgeries, but residents of Turkey want to extract this insurance because of the ease of its procedures “within minutes” as well as because of its low cost.

Comprehensive insurance for analyzes, medical and accidents

Some private companies in Turkey give greater privileges to the health insurance documents in Turkey issued by them, so the resident gets adequate insurance to obtain residency in Turkey, in addition to the possibility of covering many examinations, analyzes, and urgent and emergency accidents in government hospitals, and you can ask about hospitals that recognize health insurance before Extract it, to know well where you will benefit from this insurance?

full insurance

Private companies also provide comprehensive types of health insurance in Turkey that cover all treatment details, especially operations, but this type of insurance is very expensive.

Notes on private health insurance

When you extract private health insurance in Turkey, you should focus on the following notes:

Beware of falling victim to health insurance fraud or illegally using your data
Also, fictitious companies that do not have a fixed address or work license do not deal with them
When extracting health insurance in Turkey, ask about its type, so often if you do not ask, the employee will extract the first type insurance that is only useful for residency procedures and does not cover your health needs in Turkey.
Make sure that the date of obtaining health insurance in Turkey is the same as the date of booking the appointment for the online interview, because the residency is granted according to the period of health insurance and the validity of your passport
If you want to apply for a two-year residency, you must obtain a health insurance covering this period, and if only one year is approved, you cannot recover the insurance amount for the second year.
In the event that your residency application or renewal application is accepted and you want to revoke the health insurance, you must obtain another health insurance that covers the period of your stay.
3. General health insurance in Turkey

This type of insurance provides Turkish social institutions, and it is an insurance intended for Turkish citizens, but it can be obtained from foreigners who have a work residence in Turkey with their family members.

The agency directly responsible for public health insurance in Turkey is the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Health.

Benefits of public health insurance

Obtaining comprehensive health care at low or free costs for specific cases, and obtaining medicines at reduced prices.

How do I get health insurance in Turkey

You can get health insurance in Turkey suitable for residency according to two ways:

The first: comprehensive health insurance
The second: low-cost health insurance

The majority of foreigners obtain low-cost health insurance, which is characterized by the following:

It is paid once a year
Through it, you can apply for or renew a residence permit in Turkey
There is no need to extract it for those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65
Its value increases with the age of the person applying for health insurance
It does not cover the entire costs of treatment in Turkey, but rather covers some simple costs such as inspection and examination in government hospitals, and most private hospitals do not adopt this insurance
Health insurance is extracted for each family member separately
It only takes a few minutes to extract it

Therefore, you must first ask about the costs covered by health insurance, and the hospitals that recognize it, if the subject of treatment in Turkey interests you, but if you only want it to obtain residency in Turkey, it is better to look for the cheapest offers.

By visiting one of the branches of Al-Fanar Insurance and Residences Company in Istanbul, you can get full health insurance services and extract the insurance policy in just minutes.

The papers needed to obtain health insurance in Turkey

  • A copy of your passport
    The residence address in Turkey in detail

Health insurance rates in Turkey

To calculate the value of your health insurance in Turkey, Al-Fanar Health Insurance and the services have prepared this service for you. Know the value of health insurance for you and your family members from your home