Student residence permit in Turkey

Student residence permit in Turkey

Student residence is an identification card that gives its holder the right to reside and study in Turkey legally, and contains personal information such as the student’s name and date of birth in addition to gender (male / female) and nationality (country of residence), along with the personal photo of the card holder. A foreigner residing in Turkey is entitled to a short-term residence (tourist residence) or family and who has not exceeded eighteen years of age, to study in Turkish and international schools in Turkey without a student residence. When the student reaches the age of 18, the student’s residency is mandatory by law. It is also compulsory for foreigners wishing to study in Turkish institutes and universities (postgraduate studies: bachelor's, master's, doctorate). Student residence in Turkey gives you many advantages, such as: 1. Legal residence in Turkey throughout the study period 2. Freedom of movement within Turkey 3. The ability to exit and return to Turkey without the need for a new entry visa 4. The student has the right to obtain a reduced transportation card that is suitable for all public transport (except for taxi, minibus, and dolmus) within the state in which he resides 5. The holder of an educational residence card is also entitled to work in Turkey, but a work permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Labor. If the student is at the bachelor’s level, he can work after completing the first academic year Click the appropriate button to view full information:

Details of student residence in Turkey (first time)

The papers required for the student to reside in Turkey
“Öğrenci Belgesi Student Data” document, which is a letter issued by the educational institution in which the applicant will enroll, stating that the relevant educational institution has granted him the right to study there
Residence application form (signed by the applicant or his legal representative)
The original copy of the passport (or travel document)
A copy of the passport (or travel document): the pages that contain the applicant’s data + the passport or document number + the date of issuance and expiration of the passport or document + entry and visa stamp (visa)
A tax number, which you can obtain for free from any tax department
4 colored personal photos on a white background, no more than 6 months old
Valid health insurance covering the entire length of stay
Address verification:
Lease Resident: A copy of the lease contract signed by the applicant, certified by the notary.
In the event that the applicant is not the tenant, a residence document issued by the Population Department of the place of residence must be estimated
A copy of the application fee payment receipt

Steps to apply for tourist residency in Turkey

  1. Extract all the required documents and prepare them before proceeding to the next step (except for the application form and the fee payment receipt)
    Fill out the application form via the Immigration Department’s website, in the “First Time” section, make sure that you state the reason for the residency application is the study
    The site will book an interview appointment at the earliest date, and the place of the interview, date and time will appear on the page (keep this information, it is very important)
    Print the application (the site will save the application as an electronic PDF file) You can print this file
    Gather all the required documents together, including the “Student Document”
    Ensure that the documents are complete and that the form is signed by the applicant
    Gather all documents into one workbook to present them together at the interview
    At the interview, you can request an interpreter for free
    After accepting the documents from the responsible employee, you will be required to pay the fees at the treasury office (within the same building). When paying the amount, you will get from the treasury employee a receipt. Return this receipt to the first employee and he will give you a document proving the application’s submission and making your status legal until the residence card is issued.


  1. Make sure to submit the application before your visa expires
    The passport (or travel document) must be valid for more than 6 months
    The interview date issued by the Immigration Department is the applicant’s personal appointment and the date of the interview is very important
    Minor applicant is accompanied by parents or legal guardian
    Payment of fees is exclusively in cash and in the local currency (bank transfers and credit cards are not accepted), so make sure to bring enough cash to pay the application fee
    Ensure that the proof of application document is stamped by the Immigration Department before you leave
    The residence card is issued within 30 to 60 days from the date of submitting the application and it is valid according to the type of study and as indicated in (the duration of the study stay)
    In the event that the passport (or travel document) is valid for less than the period of study, the validity of the residency is the validity of the passport minus 60 days
    In the event that the documents are not complete, the employee will inform you immediately of that, or in the event that the Immigration Department requests additional documents after receiving the application, the applicant will be notified via an SMS text message, and in both cases the applicant will be given a 30-day period to submit the additional documents