Permission to work in Turkey

Permission to work in Turkey

The work permit in Turkey is a residence card issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and not by the Immigration Department. This residence permits the holder to live and work in Turkey for the benefit of one employer and in one profession. Your obtaining a work permit guarantees you the following advantages and rights: 1. Preserving your rights as a worker, and ensuring that you get all the benefits of workers in Turkey, such as health insurance and social security 2. Receive free treatment in Turkish state hospitals at the state's expense 3. Health and social security for you and your family 4. Getting a retirement pension after the age of sixty "retirement age in Turkey" 5. The possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship when the total duration of work residency reaches 5 continuous years 6. Children can study in Turkish schools for free 7. Ease of obtaining an entry visa to visit other countries 8. If you want to obtain a work permit by establishing a company from outside Turkey, you can do so through the Turkish embassy in the country in which you reside

The papers required for permission to work in Turkey

From the employer
Work permit application letter (The letter must be scanned and submitted as part of the online application, and it must also be submitted as a hard copy signed by the employer)
An application form for foreign employees (the form submitted online must be printed and the printed copy signed by the employer and the foreigner must be submitted to the ministry. The employment agreement concluded between both parties (employment contract) must be submitted when the signed form is not available. The application will not be processed if there is no Having a signed form or employment contract)
The Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry in Turkey (the circular issued by the Chamber of Commerce), detailing the shareholders ’financial shares and the capital structure of the entity (the document must be scanned via a scanner and submitted during the online application)
Balance sheet and profit / loss statement for the last year, certified by the tax office or certified public accountant (the document must be scanned via a “scanner” and submitted during the online application)
The documented agency of the person authorized to submit the application via the Internet on behalf of the entity or institution submitting the application, or the document proving the employment of this person in the entity or institution submitting the application (the document must be scanned via a “scanner” and submitted during the online application submission)
From the foreigner (the applicant)
In the case of submitting applications in Turkey, a copy of the residence card other than the one issued for the purposes of study must be provided, provided that it is valid for at least six months from the date of submitting the application (the document must be scanned via a “scanner” and presented during the online application.
In the event that the foreigner does not possess a valid residence card, the foreigner must apply for a short-term residence within 10 days of his entry into Turkey
A copy of the passport (or travel document): the pages that contain the applicant’s data + the passport or document number + the date of issuance and expiration of the passport or document + the entry and visa stamp (visa) (the document must be scanned via a “scanner” and presented during the application through Internet)
A tax number, which you can obtain for free from any tax department
4 colored personal photos on a white background, no more than 6 months old
Sworn translation or official certified translation of the academic certificate (the document must be scanned via a “scanner” and submitted during the online application)
The business owner will inform you about any other documents that may be required in due time

Steps to apply for a work permit in Turkey

Only employers can submit an application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The foreigner must be a regular resident of Turkey, and in the event that the foreigner is not residing in Turkey, he must submit an application to obtain a regular short-term residence within 10 working days from the date of his entry to Turkey.

Work residency permits you to work only for the employer contracting with you and in a specific profession, moving to another employer will require a new work residency.

You cannot hold more than one work permit, the new residence will cancel the previous one automatically.

An employer can request to cancel your work residency if:

I resigned from work
You were fired
I breached the terms of the work contract
You did not start work within a maximum period of 30 days from the date the work permit was issued

The work permit is issued for the first time for one year only, and for the first extension it is extended for two years, and in the second extension for three years